Direct Searches has been producing Local Authority Searches since the company was established in 1999. A Regulated Local Authority Search is usually requested by Solicitors and Conveyancers acting on behalf of someone wishing to purchase a property. Searches Direct can provide you with a Regulated Local Authority Search anywhere in England and Wales for both Residential and Commercial properties, or pieces of land.

A Regulated Local Authority Search is designed to reveal any nasty surprises a property may be hiding by listing information from all of the relevant entries in the Local Land Charges Register and other council records including;

  1. Details of planning applications relevant to the property,
  2. Building control history,
  3. Any enforcement action,
  4. Restrictions on permitted development,
  5. Nearby road schemes,
  6. Contaminated land; totalling to 13 subject areas.

A Direct Searches produced Regulated Local Authority Search is Search Code compliant, display’s the Search Code logo and is backed by an individual £2m Search Warranty including run-off cover. Searches Direct is regularly audited by the Property Codes Compliance Board (PCCB) and is a member of CoPSO and IPSA.

At the time of Direct Searches joining the search industry, not all lenders accepted personal searches and some solicitors were not confident in their reliability. Access to information required by private companies to produce a Local Authority Search was not formalised, often charged for, or access completely denied by the custodians of the data, the Local Authorities themselves. The only alternative to a search produced by a private search company was a search complied by the council. However these were often expensive and frequently took a long time to return, in some cases up to six weeks.

Luckily the situation has greatly improved since Direct Searches joined the industry, largely due to Direct Searches efforts. Turn around times are down, restrictions have been removed on access to information and the market is much more competitive. As such the vast majority of Lenders now accept Regulated Local Authority Searches produced by Search Code registered companies, and they are now the preferred option for a large percentage of solicitors and conveyancers. Direct Searches Regulated Local Authority Searches come with individual insurance attached therefore, they have no more risk than those created by the Local Authorities. Direct Searches also researches the data available online which councils may not check so the Local Authority Search often contains more information that those compiled by the Council.

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